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Half-Life 2: Resistance


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City 17-

A large metropolis under Combine control. The civilians are under strict watch at all times.


The Citadel-

A large, black, mechanical building. It's the center of the Combine empire. It uses a large, mechanical "leg" to take over parts of City 17. Soon the entire city will be a part of it.


The Train Station-

The place where all immigrants come from to City 17. Gordon wakes up on a train, in the station, after talking to the Gman and blacking out.


Eli's Lab-

Eli Vance's, and the Resistance's, base of operations. Most of the Resistance soldiers make a haven here.


Kleiner's Lab-

The lab of Dr. Isaac Kleiner. He has a few computers and teleporters that he uses as a hub to Eli's lab. It's sort of a way point for the Resistance. The lab is very small, about the size of a high school classroom and a half. Kleiner keeps his pet Lamaarr here. The door to the lab is behind a fake drink machine.


The Coast-

The sea has been slowly evaporating over the years. This resulted in the coast line drastically growing larger. Now most of the sea-floor is now dry land and dead ships are everywhere. Some shipping industry ruins still linger here, and some houses are on the mountains. Mostly this is Ant Lion territory.


The River-

A long river that runs through most of the area. Lots of the area is covered in toxic waste that was spilled as a result of Combine insertion.


Nova Prospekt-

A coastal prison that the Combine take many civilians to.


New Little Odessa-

A small town along the coast run by Odessa Cubbage.


The Sewers-

A deep underground catacomb of pipes and tunnels used for water plumbing. Many barnacles live off of rats and other small animals that come by.



An abandoned ghost town. Now only zombies inhabit its streets.

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