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Half-Life 2: Resistance

Concept Art

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We have a LOT of concept art!!!

(I played the beta and it IS more than we wanted!)
I scanned this in from my Game Star magazine issue. Extremely awesome!

One of the coolest concept arts, yet. A barnicle taking hold of Gordon! It's extremely cool.

Antlion Concept

Combine Assassin Concept

Combine Soldier Concept

Combine Metrocop Concept

Combine Soldier Concept (nice cape)

Combine Soldier
Early Combine Concept

D.O.G. Concept

Dramatic Gordon Concept

Alyx & Gordon Concept

Hydra Concept

Prowler Concept

Scanner Early Concept (final is more circular)

Combine Carrier Ship Concept

Combine Gunship Concept

Strider Concept

Strider Concept (rendered)

Headcrab Zombie Concept

Combine Tank Concept

Wasteland Scanner
A Wasteland Scanner Concept

Citadel Concept

Another Citadel Concept

Citadel Interior Concept

City 17 Streets Concept

City 17 Abandoned Building Concept

Coastal Depot Concept

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