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Half-Life 2: Resistance


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Weapon Images


A standard crowbar. It can cut through most forms of flesh and armor. When you run out of ammo, this baby can come quite in handy.
DMG: 10

9mm USP Pistol-
A semi-automatic pistol. It has a good accuracy and strong firepower. A good choice for mid range. Even though it may seem simple, it can be a devastating ally.
DMG: 5

.357 Magnum-
A revolver magnum good for close to semi-far range. Very strong firepower. 6 slugs before reloading.
DMG: 40

Submachine Gun-
A fully automatic SMG. A standard choice for most Resistance fighters. Its complete with a grenade-launching attachment.
DMG: 4-w/ grenade-40

With 6 shells before reloading, also equipped with a "double-shot" feature. Good for close range, not good for long range.
DMG: 8 Per Bullet-7 Bullets per shot-56-w/ double shot-112

Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle-
This weapon is used by some of the higher ranked Combine guards and by the Heavy guards. It fires high-power bullets that can rip straight through flesh. It can also shoot grenade-like devices which desintegrate anything they touch.
DMG: 8-w/ grenade is instant kill to all human-sized organics

A very powerful weapon. The cross bow is equipped with a sniper scope, making it great for a good marksman. Good for long range, skilled players can use it at close range, as well.
DMG: 100-instant death to all human-sized organics

Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher-
A very powerful RPG. Has a laser-site mode that enables the missile to home in on where ever the site is pointing to. Good for long range. Recommended against strong foes or a group of weaker ones.
DMG: 200

Zero-Point Energy Field Manipulator Gun aka "The Gravity Gun"-
A breakthrough in scientific technology. It has an isometric mode that allows it to pick objects up. It also uses anti-gravity mode to react with an object, repelling it away from the shooter.
DMG: Varies depending on the target if shot. If an object is thrown at a target, damage varies on what the object/target is.

Gravity Gun (organic)-
This gun is a combination of Combine technology with the Manipulator. This "upgrade" can lift up human-sized organics in the same way that the original can pick up objects.
DMG: Instant death to all that it picks up.

Fragmentation Grenades-
A simple grenade that can be hurled or tossed. This weapon can be picked up by the Manipulator and thrown at enemies. Only use this tactic if one is thrown too close to you by you or your enemies and if you are skilled and of quick reflexes.
DMG: 125

Guass Gun-
This is a gun that uses high-temperature blasts of plasma lasers to destroy its targets. It can be charged up to have a more powerful shot. It's attached to the Buggy.
DMG: Varies depending on target

Hunter-Chopper Rifle-
This weapon was taken straight from the Combine helicopters and put onto the airboat. This weapon devastates anything that it shoots.
DMG: 90

Pheropods aka "Bug Bait"-
These can be taken from the corpses of Ant Lion Guards. They are used to control Ant Lions. When still attached to the Guards, they use them to control their armies to attack. When thrown, Ant Lions scurry to impact location and follow the thrower's command. When squeezed, the antlions flock to the carrier.

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