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Half-Life 2: Resistance


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Story (Back-story)-

It's some time since the Black Mesa incident. A strange group called the “Combine” has taken control of our planet. They are ruthless and merciless and shoot civilians on site. In the first Half-Life, Gordon Freeman, a scientist with the Black Mesa research team, takes a job from the G-man (Government Man). This shady character offers him two solutions to his pain: to take the job, or to die. So, after Gordon took the job, he blacked out. Now, years later, he awakens on a train in a station. He will soon learn and unravel the truth about the horrific Combine and the bigger picture...just who is the Gman?


Story (With Spoilers)-

Chapter One- "Point Insertion"

"Rise and shine, Mr. Freeman. Rise and shine. Not that I wish to imply that you have been sleeping on the job. No one is more deserving of a rest. And all the effort in the world would have gone to waste until... well, let's just say your time has come again. So nice to have you with us, Mr. Freeman. The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world. So, wake up, Mr. Freeman. Wake up and smell the ashes." You see a strange man in a blue-gray suit talking to you. It's the same man you saw on the tram in Black Mesa. He is the same man that offered you the job after fighting through hell in the derelict, subterranean lab. You see flashbacks from your Endeavour in Black Mesa. You don't know how long it's been. You don't know where you are. You don't know what's happened. You wake up and your find yourself sitting on a train. You walk off the train as it docks in the station. You see people in blue, denim jump suites being herded through gates. One way leads to a place with a sign labeled "Nova Prospekt." You walk in the opposite direction of the train leading to Nova Prospekt. You hear a man on a monitor saying something about a City 17. You deduct that this is where you are. You walk through the station until you see a way point with gates and security cameras. People are being lead through and onto another train. As you walk through the gates they slam shut and an alarm sounds. The security flashes red and it focuses on you. You try to force your way past a guard but he pushes you in. A door behind you opens up and you see a guard. He says, "You, come with me!" and walks into the hallway from where he just emerged. You follow him. On your left and right you see doors. One has a man inside it and two guards seem to be interrogating him. They close the view hatch on the door, shutting out your view. The guard you are following leads you into a room with a single chair and a computer panel. The chair has blood around its base. You are ordered to go through and sit down. One guard inside the room tells the other to leave. He shuts and locks the door. The guard walks over to the computer panel and takes off his helmet. This guard is in fact an old friend. His name is Barney Calhoun, a security guard from Black Mesa. You are confused and relieved at the same time. He explains that he could not have gotten to you without disguising himself. He turns on a monitor and you see a face on it. It's your old mentor, Dr. Isaac Kleiner. He and Barney talk and Barney tells you to go out the back door as more guards bang on the door. You leave and climb out the window. You're in an alley. You go through another door back into the station. You then find yourself inside a cafeteria. You walk along, seeing people carrying, what seems like, food. You walk through the lobby and out the door and you find yourself in a courtyard. There is a monitor on the large, fountain-like statue in the center. It features the same man as seen on the many monitors in the station. He seems familiar...somehow. You see some men in white gas masks, holding strange sticks and pistols patrolling the streets. You saw some of the same men in the station, beating people and herding them through. You walk around the streets, noticing some guards patrolled at doors that are ajar, turning on their batons as you pass. You bump into one of them and he gives you a sharp jab to the side of the head. You regain your breath and continue on. You look and see a wall barricading the street. A large car and three guards are stationed there. There are also two, large, spider-like...things walking in the background. You're amazed and wonder what the hell happened in your absence. You look into a back alleyway and climb over a broken fence. You find yourself in an area with many apartment buildings. There are two civilians standing, watching as a house's door gets slammed down and five guards rush in. "Just be glad it isn't our house." One of the men says. "Yeah, you just wait; they'll be checking all of the houses. I'd hate to be the poor bastard they're after." The other says. You walk off and into an apartment. As you walk up the stairway, you see four guards. One of them knocks on the door five times. Then he kicks down the door. Four of the men rush through the door and one stands guard. You hear screams and violence echoing through the door. As you approach the guard lights up his baton. You back off, knowing what they feel like. You walk through one of the rooms. One man, sitting at a table says. "Oh, was that you knocking. I didn't even know I still had a door." The man was obviously not well. You see two people looking out a window, one woman and one man. A large car, the same kind at the barricade earlier stops in front of your building. Many guards get out of the vehicle and rush into the building. You know this can't be good and you run. You run up some more stairs and hear chatter over the guard's radios. Then you hear some guards start to speak in harder, heavier tones. Then you hear footsteps coming up the stairs. You run and someone at the top of the stairs yells to you. "Hey, you! Over here!" You walk over to him and into the room. There are about ten civilians in the room. Then you hear someone say, "THEY'RE COMING!" Soon tons of guards charge into the room, beating everyone into submission. You run away and into another room. One man blocks the door and holds it closed. He says, "What are you waiting for? GO!" You run up some more stairs and into an attic. The attic is old and there are many holes in it. You rush out of one of the holes in the side and across a make-way bridge made out of old 2x4's. You run across the roofs. You hear gunshots and feel a sharp pain in your leg as you get shot. You look back. These guards mean business. Whoever they are, they know you and want you dead. You run away and through a window of one of the buildings. You open a door and notice some more stairs; they're rickety but should hold. As you step down them half of the staircase crashes down, taking you along with it. You get up and see about eight guards enter through the only two exits available to you, the staircase is too high to climb to. They beat you down and you black out. All you hear is chatter on their radios. Then you hear another voice. A woman's voice. "Hey, you!" You hear guards screaming and punches being thrown. You wake up some minutes later. The woman is beautiful. She helps you up. You look around and see many dead guards. You're astonished by her hand-to-hand skill. She leads you to an elevator and says that she'll explain everything once they reach Kleiner's lab. When you enter the elevator, she introduces herself as Alyx Vance, daughter to Eli Vance, one of Gordon's colleagues at Black Mesa. When the elevator lands, you walk out into a narrow hallway and see a door ahead of you. It's time to meet up with your old mentor....


(To be continued)

Walkthrough (currently offline)




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