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Half-Life 2: Resistance


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Character Images

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Gordon Freeman-
Age: 42 (we suspect, unless Gordon was somehow transported into the future, in that case he is still 27)
Gender: Male
Occupation: Previously a scientist with the Black Mesa research team, now a heroic savior.
Side: Friendly
Half-Life 1 Thoughts: This was the quiet, tough hero. He was the guy that everyone in the facility knew to some extent. He was the kind of guy you dreamed of being or just meeting.
Back-story: Gordon was just an average man, working on top-secret projects for the government. When he was sent to do some sampling in another dimension through a portal, something went wrong. A strange catalyst occurred that lead to strange creatures from different worlds and dimensions being transported to ours. This was called the Resonance Cascade. As Gordon tried frantically to escape the underground base, he was confronted by the military. The military were sent down to contain the incident by killing all involved with the project: scientists, security guards, everyone. So, while both defending against aliens, saving his fellow employees, and fighting against his own administrators, he managed to travel to another dimension. This world was called Xen. Xen was a strange rift world, not complete. It was just chunks of floating matter that were homes to strange creatures, the same creatures that attacked him in Black Mesa. After he traveled from world to world, he was confronted by a large, super creature. It was the power at be that was creating the Resonance Cascade and sending these monsters to his world. He fought it, being thrown to all hell by its teleportation abilities. Finally he reigned victorious. After his victory he was transported, yet again. But this time he wasn't alone. A man in a blue suit, and carrying a briefcase stood before him. He did not give a name, but offered Mr. Freeman a job. Mr. Freeman had the choice of accepting the Gman's offer or being killed. Gordon accepted and here we are.
Quote: “…”

Eli Vance-
Age: 50's or 60's
Gender: Male
Occupation: Former scientist on the Black Mesa team, now the leader of the Resistance.
Side: Friendly
Half-Life 1 Thoughts: He wasn't in the first game.
Back-story: A former scientist on the Black Mesa research team. He was one of the few survivors of the Resonance Cascade and a colleague of Gordon. He now leads the resistance on many fronts. He’s a genius and a skilled inventor.
Quote: “Gordon? Is that really you? My god! You haven’t changed one iota!”

Alyx Vance-
Age: 20's
Gender: Female
Occupation: One of the head leaders of the Resistance.
Side: Friendly
Half-Life 1 Thoughts: She wasn't in the first game.
Back-story: Alyx is Eli Vance's only daughter. She was just a young girl when the Black Mesa incident occurred. She is one of Eli's right hands. Her mother died in the Black Mesa catastrophe, but the rest of her history is still to be revealed. She is an outgoing woman, who is not afraid to speak her mind. She also has a good sense of humor and helps Gordon in his fight against the Combine.
Quote: “Gordon, what are you staring at?”

Barney Calhoun-
Age: 30's
Gender: Male
Occupation: Former security guard at Black Mesa, now a lead soldier for the resistance.
Side: Friendly
Half-Life 1 Thoughts: He was the loveable security guard that you all know. He starred in his own game called Blue Shift, which took place during the Resonance Cascade. We all love to see him return in the second one.
Mr. Calhoun was a security guard and is one of the few survivors of the Resonance Cascade. He is now working for Eli Vance.
Quote: “Head humper!”

Dr. Isaac Kleiner-
Age: 50's or 60's
Gender: Male
Occupation: Former employee of Black Mesa.
Side: Friendly
Half-Life 1 Thoughts: He was only mentioned in the manual.
Back-story: When Gordon was a scientist at Black Mesa, Dr. Kleiner was his mentor at M.I.T. who helped him acquire his job there. He's a little quirky, but he's a genius. He keeps a pet headcrab named Lamar who is, ironically, a female. Barney Calhoun is constantly being attacked by it; although Kleiner insists that it is harmless, being raised in captivity. He makes the various gadgets in HL2. He's the Q of the James Bond-like Gordon.
Quote: “Oh fie! Lamar has gone missing again!”

Father Gregori-
Age: 50's
Gender: Male
Occupation: Resistance member.
Side: Friendly
Half-Life 1 Thoughts: He wasn't in the first game.
Back-story: The strange old man who has booby trapped Ravenholm. He has set many traps for Gordon to make use of. He is an eccentric man who is obsessed with destroying the zombies that now infest the ghost town.
Quote: “Go, my brother. I shall finish my children! Aha, ahaha, mahahahahaaaha!”

Dr. Judith Mossman-
Age: 30's
Gender: Female
Occupation: Former scientist on the Black Mesa team and is now a scientist for the Resistance along with Eli.
Side: Uknown
Half-Life 1 Thoughts: She wasn't in the first one.
Back-story: Judith was a scientist at Black Mesa. She managed to survive and is now a key scientist of the Resistance. She seems to have feelings for Eli, and there is some friction between her and Alyx.
Quote: “Well, Gordon, it’s been a real honor. I’m going to look forward to working with you.”

Colonel Odessa Cubbage-
Age: 60’s
Gender: Male
Occupation: A leader of a small group of rebel soldiers.
Side: Friendly
Half-Life 1 Thoughts: He was not at Black Mesa.
Back-Story:He leads a small band of resistance soldiers in New Little Odessa. He mainly barks out orders and rarely shows himself above ground.
Quote: “Right’ho!”

Age: Unknown
Gender: N/A (robotically male)
Occupation: Sidekick and pet of Alyx, is a behemoth of a fighter for the Resistance.
Side: Friendly
Half-Life 1 Thoughts: It wasn't in the first one.
Back-story: DOG is a large robotic sidekick that Alyx constructed. He uses brute force to get the work done.
Quote: “Beep boop.”

Dr. Wallace Breen aka "The Administrator"-
Age: 50's or 60's
Gender: Male
Occupation: Combine faction leader.
Side: Hostile
Half-Life 1 Thoughts: He wasn't in it.
Back-story: This man is the human leader of the Combine forces. He spreads messages and propaganda that make the Combine seem positive. He has poisoned the minds of many of the citizens of City 17.
Quote: “This man is not a trained assassin or a soldier. He is a mere physicist who barely even earned his PHD at the time. And you still cannot kill him?”

Combine Overmind-
Age: Unkown
Gender: Unkown
Occupation: Supreme synthetic ruler of the Combine
Side: Hostile
Half-Life 1 Thoughts: This creature wasn't present in the original game.
Back-story: This is the large synth overmind of the Combine. It is the "king," if you will, of the Combine.
Quote: (this creature never speaks)

The G-Man-
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Occupation: High Echelon of the U.S. Government, all other information unknown.
Side: Unknown
Half-Life 1 Thoughts: A very shady character. Gordon would constantly see him, just out of his reach. Whether he is an ally or indeed an enemy is still to be revealed.
Back-story: (See Half-Life 1 Thoughts)
Quote: “Wake up, Mr. Freeman. Wake up and smell the ashes.”




These are the citizens of City 17. They are defenseless and take much harassment from the combine.

Resistance Soldiers-
The members of the Resistance that fight for freedom. They wear jump suites and the nomads wear simple assault clothing consisting of jackets, hats, and boots.. The medics have red medical crosses and special officers have patches on their arms. They traditionally carry SMGs, but are known to also carry RPGs.

Vortigaunt aka "Alien Slaves"-
These creatures are originally from Xen. In the first game, they were one of the foes that Freeman tried to destroy, but now they are used for the Resistance and against the Combine. Mostly they are used as medics, using their powers to heal the wounded, but they are also used for repairing, building, and even as soldiers.

Ant Lions-
When Gordon acquires the pheromone spores, nearby Antlions follow him and see him as a superior creature.


Combine Soldiers aka "Metrocops"-
The bulk of the Combine fighting force. They are ruthless and have no feelings. Mindless drones that attack enemies with fierce brutality. There are the Civil Protection unit which serve as City 17’s main police force and are actually recruited humans. The other ranks are prison guards and heavy guards.

HeadCrab & Headcrab Zombies-
Headcrabs latch onto the skulls of their hosts and take control of its nervous system. There are 4 known headcrab species: the normal headcrabs (a traditional type), poisonous headcrabs (bluish black, and heavier). They can infest you with a poisonous chemical which wares off over time., the fast headcrabs (longer legs, and very fast). The hosts are considered Zombies. The traditional zombie has the tattered clothes of its host, and it has very long fingers which it uses to lacerate its victims. The poison zombie is very strange; several headcrabs latch on to one host; the main head crab controls it; it takes its other headcrabs and hurls them at their foes; they are shorter but deformed and bulky and also slower. The fast zombie is extremely fast and has a very distinct cry; it has long fingers (shorter than the traditional zombie, however) and attacks with fierce speed, and they are greatly deteriorated.

Striders are large vehicles of the Combine. They have very long legs that they use to impale their smaller foes. They also have automatic pulse rifles attached to them. They are very hard to destroy.

Combine Gunships, Transport Ships, & Helicopters-
The ship is a fast, agile craft with two pulse rifles. The transport is a little bulkier, enabling it to carry multiple troops. It can carry a cargo crate, as well. It has pulse rifles. The Hunter-helicopters are traditional choppers. They tote missiles and machine guns; some even drop mines

Combine Mortars-
These shoot out large blasts of energy so strong that it can lift a car up and shoot it over your head. It does give you a warning, first by sound and then by a blue ring of energy where it will strike.

Sentry Turrets and Cameras-
These are automated sentry turrets. They operate on infrared and motion scanners. They have one single machine . Unlike the first Half-Life, the heads can't pivot 360. These can only pivot 180 side-to-side. The only way they can be destroyed is if they are knocked off of their tripods. The cameras are just simple cameras.

Combine APC-
They are the transportation for the Combine forces. They are lightly plated and have a single machine gun.

Human APC-
This is a large transport vehicle. They have two mounted machine gunss and can carry many troops.

Combots, Scanners, & Shield Scanners -
Scanners are camera-like robots. They are used to send photographical information to the Combine and their superiors. These are used to spot enemies and let their friends know. The Mark II scanner fires a rather weak machine gun. The shield scanners are a bit tougher to take out. When a scanner is about to explode it falls down, usually on you, and can inflict some serious damage.

These are sort of like Scanners, in the sense that they are small, flying robots. These, like the Scanner, have one eye. They also have a fast-spinning blade that can cut through everything but rock and metal.

"Hopper" Mines & Mobile Mines aka "Rollers"-
The hoppers are set on the surface of the ground. When it detects someone coming near, it puts a warning light up, and if they venture closer, it jumps in the air and explodes. The mobile mines, or "rollers," are buried underground and are electric. They use magnetic forces to attract to a target and explode

Antlions, Antlion Guards-
Antlions are large, alien insects. They have sharp claws that they use to cut through flesh. Their carapace is relatively weak. The Antlion Guard, however, is very hard to kill. Its shell is like steel. It uses one, large foot on the top of its head to hurl enemies great distances. Use "unorthodox" methods when dealing with these creatures.

Stalkers look like large, deformed humans. They are the unfortunate civilians that are tested by Combine scientists. They are just used as slaves and cannot fight.

These are large, shark like monsters that are brutal and vicious. Unfortunately you never get the oppurtunity to fight one. In the original HL, these were only really encountered a couple of times. And with good reason. When in the water they are considered extremely dangerous.

These creatures hang from the ceiling and dangle a rope-like tongue that sticks to any prey and lifts it to the mouth. The Barnacles in HL2 have 3 sets of teeth and mouths.

Those annoying alien leeches return and are more of a nuisance as ever. Fortunately, you don't encounter them as much, as there aren't as many instances where you have to swim as in the first game.

These are not fought in the game. They are the same type of "creature" as the gunships, dropships, and striders. They combine organic tissues with mechanical parts and development.

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